Cajun Shrimp  & Rice

From My Little Kitchen Ana Frias

Why you'll love it

You can have this dish on the table in under 30 minutes. That’s right – in just half an hour, you can enjoy a delicious, healthy meal that will leave your taste buds dancing with delight.


– Dry converted rice – Kosher salt, black pepper – Paprika, dried thyme leaves – Large shrimp – Beef smoked sausage – Extra virgin olive oil – Onion, green bell pepper – Cherry tomatoes & minced     garlic


Cook rice according to package directions and set aside. Combine salt, paprika, thyme and pepper in a large bowl.


In a large skillet, add the shrimp & sausage and sauté. Transfer shrimp and sausage to a plate and set aside.


On the same skillet, add the onions and bell pepper. Sauté until they start to soften. Add the garlic and sauté for 1 minute.


Stir in the tomatoes and rice; cook for 3 to 4 minutes. Add the shrimp & sausage back in and stir to combine all ingredients.

Serve immediately while hot.

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