Baked Potato Soup 

From My Little Kitchen Ana Frias

Why you'll love it

This Baked Potato Soup is scrumptious and super delicious!  Creamy, topped with crispy potato skins and oh-so-healthy, this is a favorite meal any time of year!


– Russet potatoes – Olive oil – Kosher salt – Plant-based butter – Onion – All-purpose flour – Vegetable broth – Almond milk – Fresh parsley – Kosher salt & pepper


 Rub potatoes with oil and salt. Bake directly on the rack, until tender all the way through when pierced with a skewer.


Cut skin in strips and toss with a little oil, salt, and pepper. Roast in a 400° oven for 15 minutes, or until crispy.


Sauté onion in melted plant-based butter until soft. Stir in broth and milk. Cook and stir until thick.


Add potato and simmer for 5 minutes. Mash the potato more for a creamier consistency. Stir in parsley and salt & pepper.

Serve soup warm and top with potato skins and sunflower seeds.

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